The perfect pairing

Launching the “Algarve Wine Tourism” project is an exciting step forward for the region’s wine industry. With the support of the Algarve Wines Commission and Tourism of Algarve, this initiative aims to bring together wine producers and infrastructure to create an unforgettable wine tourism experience.

Over the years, the quality and quantity of wine producers in the region have grown, and there is now a significant interest in Algarve wines. This project is a great way to coordinate all the players in the market and provide visitors with all the bilingual information they need to know about what and where to visit in an organised way. The website offers all the necessary information, and an app will soon be provided. Tour operators, hotels, and other tourism agents in the region can benefit from this project as they will be guided in proper connections with local wine producers.

The Algarve has a significant advantage over other regions as it has the know-how to welcome visitors to top resorts and restaurants. Additionally, the airport is just a few minutes away from many locations, making it easy for visitors to get started on their wine-tasting journey.

One of the standout features of Algarve wine is the diversity of wines you can produce from the native grape variety, Negra Mole. This grape is unique to the region and produces a wine with a Pinot Noir style. The acidity, given mainly by the white grapes, results in a wine that is lighter and suitable for all types of wines. From sparkling to roses and even blanc de noir style, the Negra Mole grape works well in all types of wines. However, the most iconic wines made from this grape are the red ones, which pair perfectly with the local gastronomy, such as sardines, cataplanas, and tuna. The tools are now in place, and it is up to local restaurants to add these wines to their wine lists and create exceptional experiences for visitors.

At the W Algarve hotel, I have already added a vast selection of Algarve wines to our list, and in one of our restaurants, I even showcase almost exclusively wines from the region. This benefits the local economy and has an ecological factor, reducing the carbon footprint by using local products. Overall, the “Algarve Wine Tourism” project is a great initiative that brings together wine producers and infrastructure to create an unforgettable wine tourism experience. With a vast selection of wines made from unique grape varieties, visitors can have a complete experience, not just based on the beach and sun.