Summer Make Up – Ken Boylan

Usually, I’m not too fond of the words Makeup Trends. Trends do not suit everybody, but if you stick to a few looks that work for you, you can always add to them every season, including summer. Great summer seasonal options are lipsticks, and lip glosses, one change of lip colour can completely change the look.

Pinks are big this summer, both strong and pastel. Charlotte Tilbury does a beautiful lip colour called “Sexy Lips” – A highly pigmented nude pink lipstick for buildable colour and plumper-looking lips.

Another big trend this summer is the use of one product that can multitask. Such as “Puppies Ears” from Ken Boylan – Make-up/Play, a gorgeous pink blusher/lipstick that looks great on your cheeks, lips and even on the eyelids if you push.

Another example is Lip to Cheek in “Bright Peony Pink” by Trinny London.

Coral solid colours are also very in this summer. Max Factor Lipfinity lip colour in “Charming” is a lovely, long-lasting coral lip shade. I advise that you wear this lipstick every once in a while because it is very pigmented, and if you use it on your lips all the time, they tend to dry your lips out. Fantastic for a wedding or an evening out.

Also, this summer 2022, dewy, glowy skin is a must. Applying a cream sheen to your BB creams is the perfect way to achieve this look. Gone is the face of a full foundation coverage; here is the radiant, healthy skin.

BB creams and tinted moisturisers are the most incredible way to improve skin tone without looking too heavy and cakey.

Ken Boylan Make-Up/Play’s BB cream in “Light-medium” is a gorgeous light coverage foundation. AYU cosmetics BB cream in “N1” is a lightweight sheer BB face cream that corrects uneven skin tones and minimises pores.

To add to your BB creams the needed sheen, a couple of my favourite dewy products are:

“Oh Glow” from Ken Boylan – Make Up/Play, a shimmering cream coral highlighter that looks fantastic on tanned skin. Chantecaille Liquid Lumière in “Luster” is a light shimmer to be used on your cheeks and nose or added to your BB cream to achieve glowy skin. One of my all-time favourite products is MAC’s strobe cream. This is great to mix in with your BB cream or use before your BB cream goes giving you the extra glow that you need this summer. Now, this classic, well-loved product comes in 5 reflecting shades.

Metallic eyeliners are a huge story this summer. Urban Decay in Heavy Metal sells an array of different liquid/glitter eyeliners. To use metallic eyeliners to the greatest of effects, I find that using a black eyeliner as a base is the best trick. The metallic hue intensifies if you apply black and any metallic colour over it as a base. If you use metallic eye shadows over the black liquid liner, a similar effect can be achieved if you don’t have metallic eyeliners. Ken Boylan – Make-Up/play has “Denim”, a metallic intense blue eyeshadow that looks stunning over the black liner.

Whatever look you try to achieve this summer, remember that less is more, especially in this sizzling sunshine.