Stories Parfums

STORIES Parfums is an old factory ode to the memories that have shaped founder Tonya’s life. Only after a transformative trip to the heart of perfume-making in Grasse, France, does she realise the power of fragrance to heal, release and transcend tragedy.
Spurred on by this discovery, STORIES Parfums was born. Using the best raw materials and time-honoured traditional methods, Tonya created each fragrance to capture a moment and unlock a memory significant to her. Each bottle is a narrative woven together by a carefully orchestrated balance of notes; as our name suggests, it is a story in an aromatic form.

Stories make up who we are, and we think life is more prosperous the more you have to tell. Our fragrances were created by one woman in homage to her stories, but they are just the beginning; as with all good stories, they need a middle and an end. We like to think of it as though we picked up the pen, and now it’s up to you to write the rest.

At the heart of our brand is a deep respect for the planet we live on, and we want to make sure that the place we call home doesn’t simply survive but thrives. This true sense of connectivity is why we’re committed to ensuring that we are as sustainable as possible. It’s why we manufacture with the lightest carbon footprint we can. It’s also why all of our paper labels are raw, all of our plastic is kept to a minimum, and all of our glass bottles are refillable and can be repurposed after use. We are delighted to have been recognised for our efforts and awarded, Highly Commended for Best Sustainable Fragrance Brand 2022 and Best Sustainable Packaging – Fragrance 2021 in the Marie Claire UK Sustainability Awards.

STORIES Parfums’ gender-inclusive collection was curated to be worn by men and women who appreciate the luxurious fine fragrances.
At STORIES Parfums, we believe passionately in beauty without boundaries. While our story may have started with deep roots in traditional methods and ancient craftsmanship, our ethos is that of a thoroughly modern brand. Intuitive, inclusive, and always accessible, we will never define our fragrances by gender or name; we will never tell your story for you.