Pink to make the boys wink!

It’s that time of year again, Valentine’s Day! When I think of this special day, I think of hearts and chocolates and flowers…  or drinking four bottles of wine on the couch with a large pizza under your duvet, waiting for the 15th of February to hurry the f..k up! Whatever your view is, we always have makeup to brighten up your day… and the face. Here are some gorgeous pink must-haves for your Valentine’s day and for the beautiful Spring days just around the corner!

Debutante lipstick: 18.50€  from Ken Boylan makeup/play – a lovely pink peony cream lipstick. This lipstick will brighten up any face and looks lovely as a day’s lipstick or for nighttime with a brown smokey eye. 

To go over that lipstick is “Paris” lipgloss to match Debutante, also from Ken Boylan makeup\play – a beautifully rich, creamy pink with a stunning high gloss finish. If you want to draw attention to your lips, this is the gloss for you. 18.50€

I love Cream blushers! This lovely one from E.L.F.

Putty Cream Blush is very much Valentine’s day must-have; you can use cream blushers on a no-makeup face; they work so well if you are on your holidays with a bit of a tan, just pop it straight onto your cheeks; see how it brings you tanned face alive. You can also use it on a full face of makeup; just pat it over your foundation and bronzer – it gives a beautiful pink glow. If you are travelling and only want to bring a few bits of makeup, you can use it as a blush and a lipstick. Just pop a bit of gloss over it to add a bit of shine!  7.95€

I just adore this eye shadow palette!  It is so pretty; you don’t even want to use it (but I will). Nars’s new limited-edition Ignited Eyeshadow Palette.  It is full of 12 glitters, matte, and shimmer shades of varying warm pinks and pursples, stunning coming into spring. There are even some everyday nude shades, so you’ll definitely get plenty of use from this palette. But be fast. It’s a limited edition!

Charlotte Tilbury’s stunning Beauty light wands are back! And one of my favourites is “Pinkgasm”.  This will light up every face, no matter what age! It gives a stunning paralysed pink glow to your cheeks, lips and brow bone. For me, less is best! You don’t want to look like an android! Your skin will never have looked more beautiful over that candlelight dinner. 36€