Not Everything Has to be Huge

When talking about architecture, in particular houses, over the last few years the Algarve has become somewhere which rivals the quality ( and cost) of the South of France, Ibiza, Marbella, Miami and all of the other sought after locations for amazing vacation villas.
However, not everyone desires, or indeed can afford, these huge dream homes. It is possible to design and produce beautifully detailed and built little “jewels”. It just takes care and ingenuity and an understanding of how people make use of living space.
Of course, it helps that the climate in the Algarve lends itself to inside/outside living, so having inside space which flows to the outside can produce really attractive houses.

Salema is still a working fishing village, but its beautiful sandy beach has been discovered by holidaymakers from Northern Europe.
The tiny terraced cottages, some only 30 square metres in size, are snapped up when they become available. (images mini Salema )
Paying homage to traditional materials such as patterned wall tiles, terracotta floor tiles and cobogó brickwork produces sympathetic modern additions to the village, while being only 40 metres from the beach makes them perfect for a stolen weekend.

A simple stone country building, previously a shed for garden tools, has been converted to a guest cottage. The two box windows, punched into the stonework and framed in rusty metal, add a cool and contemporary feel, while again the use of traditional Santa Caterina floor tiles, patterned walls tiles and wood and bamboo detailing produce a calm and comfortable hideaway.

Finally, what really qualifies as a “little jewel” is a new three storey townhouse, built on a plot of 15 square metres! That is correct. The size of a single car parking space. It has a living room and kitchen, a bedroom and bathroom, and a roof terrace. Of course it is only suitable for a couple who are really good friends, but it is exquisite and an amazing use of space.