Juliane Golbs

Flowers that never wilt and monograms refined with 24Karat gold leaf are just a few excerpts of her artworks.

Harmony and dynamics unite uniquely in her works and radiate far beyond her canvases.

The celebrated painter Juliane Golbs does not allow herself to be influenced, but creates influence on the eyes of the viewer. Her works – all unique pieces – are appreciated by collectors and celebrities and take hold throughout Europe.

Numerous exhibitions and cooperations adorn her vita. A sponsorship award was given to the studied artist and philosopher in 2020. Juliane Golbs speaks her very own language and thus enlivens the contemporary art scene with new life. She dances to her white canvases and hops the paint with the most personal feeling towards the matter with fingers on canvas. As an ambassador for the NCL Foundation, whose mission is to fight childhood dementia, Juliane Golbs has been raising awareness at her exhibitions for years and raising funds for the foundation through auctions of her work and from the sale of her art.

“My art is a reference, a tribute to the struggle with colours, shapes, the infinity of a small white wall, optionally a blank piece of paper. It is a full world, a plane that opens up when you want to experience it presently, like looking up at the sky and discovering new things, like on buildings or the colour gradient of the sun throughout the day. Sympathizing, as with life. My paintings are a tribute to our existence, with all the good and bad.

Instagram: @julianegolbs
E-Mail: [email protected]