Jess Negromonte

Jess Negromonte is a social media influencer focusing her content on the game of golf, living a healthy lifestyle and travelling to see beautiful destinations. She was born in Brazil and lived there until moving to the United States when she was 12 years old. Her golf journey started at a Mini-Golf owned by her parents in Brazil before diving all in to learning the game five years ago. Jess has grown an Instagram golf community to over 64,000 followers and is competing in a nationally televised putting competition on ABC called Holey Moley. It’s easy to see how passionate she is about the game and the motivation she has to improve her skills and encourage others to pick up the game along the way.

What inspires you to pursue a career in golf?

When I first started golfing, I fell in love with it immediately. I’m not sure if it was because I love outdoor activities or being able to forget everything and only focus on hitting the ball, but I immediately wanted to keep getting better. The better I hit the ball, the better I felt mentally. It feels like a big accomplishment and it’s been a form of therapy. I noticed how much I love it and it was an easy transition to pair it with my background in communications and tourism.

How has the golfer’s attitude to lady golfers changed since you started playing, and how else can we aim to re-balance the male/female mix in golf?

I think in just the 5 years that I’ve been golfing a lot more women have taken on golf. Women’s clinics and women’s golf events allow new female golfers to join a community and have fun while finding their love for the game. Helping new women feel accepted, even if they are beginners, will allow them to enjoy where they are at and work to get better each time out.

Who is your most inspirational golfer?

It’s easy for me to say, along with many people, that Tiger Woods is the most inspirational golfer. I admire the dedication and hard work he has put into his golf journey from such a young age. His mental strength on the course is incredible!

When the Ryder Cup is on, which team do you support?

Growing up in Brazil, I did not have an opportunity to play golf. Moving to the United States has provided me with the opportunity to find my passion for golf, so I will always root for the USA when I have the chance.

What’s the best way to get younger people attracted to the sport?

Social media is a great way to show younger golfers how cool and fun this sport can be. They can see how big of a community it really is, connect with other young people that share the same passion, and show everyone their golf fashion and skills through pictures and videos. Golf companies have started making more diverse wardrobes to fit different styles, and this allows younger golfers to enjoy the game of golf but be themselves and show their personality.

What Clubs do you use, and for how long?

Right now, I have a mix in my bag. I started out with a beginner set of clubs five years ago which was good for me then, but that I quickly grew out of. Two years ago I got fit for an entire bag of Callaway Mavrik Max women’s clubs and have slowly replaced many of those clubs with new ones that I like that also fit my swing and what I need.

Currently, I have a Ping G425 Max Driver, PXG 0311 5-wood, Callaway Mavrik Max 5-Hybrid, a PXG 0311P 6-Iron, 7I-PW of the Callaway Mavrik Max irons, Callaway Jaws MD5 wedges (52/56/60 degree loft) and a PXG Closer Putter.

What’s the best advice given to you in golf?

Always be willing to learn from others but trust yourself to guide your golf journey.

What is your handicap, and what’s the lowest it’s been?

For the first three years of my golf journey, I did not keep a handicap. I was more focused on improving my swing and hitting great shots out on the course. About two years ago, I started tracking my scores and keeping a handicap. My handicap when I first started keeping track was around an 18, but it quickly dropped to around 14-15 and last year, I got it as low as a 10-11 handicap and shooting consistently in the 80’s. It is now back up to a 14, but I am working hard in 2023 to accomplish my goal of shooting in the 70’s and keeping a single digit handicap.

How do you hope to inspire others?

I want to inspire others with my golf journey and my progress over time. I have shared my golf goals with my social media community and continue to give them updates so they can see what is possible with a little hard work and a lot of love for the game of golf. I encourage every golfer to set a couple of golf goals they would like to accomplish this year and track their progress. Some you will accomplish, some you will fall short, and sometimes you will surprise yourself and do something that you didn’t think you could do.

The ratio of a hole-in-one is 12,500 to 1. Have you managed to have a hole-in-one?

HA! I did not know that! Unfortunately, I haven’t made a hole-in-one, but I always film my par three shots, just in case! I would love to have it on video!

Did you know that Tiger Woods has had 20 hole-in-ones in his career, but it took 20 years to get number 20! I hope it doesn’t take me that long!

What are you looking to offer our ALM readers with your golf column?

I want to connect with ALM readers through our love for golf. I want them to feel understood and learn together through our golf experiences, goals, and accomplishments. My content is for golfers of all levels and backgrounds, and I am excited to share my golf journey with a new audience.