Designer Outlet

The Designer Outlet Algarve and Marketing Manager – Celia Meira

Celia was born in Paris, France to Portuguese parents from the North of the country. Celia decided to move to the Algarve to find a better lifestyle and new opportunities in a region where she always felt at home. Although not born in the region, Celia always felt as though she belonged here. Proud mom of an eight year old girl, Celia is committed to raise her with love, kindness, determination and passion.

With a Masters degree in International affairs, specialising in marketing management from la Sorbonne Paris, Celia spent her younger years in Paris but also travelled all over the world to countries such as Brazil, Mexico and Canada in order to “feed” her business curiosity and gain international experiences.

Since 2017 Celia has been the Marketing manager of the Designer Outlet Algarve, from the early days of it’s construction to the present day. The Designer Outlet is part of one of the best Outlet managing operators in Europe with over 12 outlet centres called ROS Retail Outlet Shopping.

The aim is to place the Algarve on the map for the fashion and retail industry, enhancing the Algarve and for it to be one of the most stylish places to live. Events such as the Fashion festival held in July highlights that the Algarve is Fashion in every single way.

The Designer Outlet’s mission is to give a stage to local talents in all different areas of the retail and fashion industry which is why the fashion festival was attended by image consultants, professional photographers, make-up artists, regional fashion designers presenting their collections, jewellery designers, street art artists and also the university Lusófona promoting the fashion course. They were privileged to welcome for the very first time in Portugal, the Vogue Portugal pop-up store with exclusive pieces of editorials and iconic pieces of art creation designed by and for the magazine. One of the highlights was the 6 giant magazine covers in augmented reality. Where the meta and the verso could join forces and give a unique and unforgettable experience to all visitors – an immersive experience in the editorial fashion world.

All efforts were made in joining all of the Designer Outlet’s partners’ strengths to deliver for the very first time one of the best retail and fashion events with Vogue Portugal at the Designer Outlet Algarve, bringing the attention to the south.

Many influencers, even the editors in chief of Vogue Portugal and GQ magazine were present throughout the event in order to indulge all the visitors with a memorable experience.

Celia could not be more grateful with how far they have come with this project. It was a dream, like a vision that she had in 2019 before the pandemic situation that we all lived through these last two years. It all started with a visit to the Vogue Portugal headquarters, driving from the Algarve to Lisbon to meet the team and share the project with them. The first visit was a little bit intimidating but then upon realising that actually this is all we want because the Algarve just deserves as much as any other part of the country. A proper fashion and retail event where magic actually happens.

The event was a huge success with almost 50.000 visitors to the Designer Outlet Algarve in just four days. More than 100 news articles have been published representing the most important ratio on the PR value return combined with two great influencers / public figures of current times. Their TikTok launch has been a success generating 11% of the total audience reached as well as achieving great results from the Designer Outlet Algarve official instagram account (12%). Over 4 million people have been reached in total, PR wise.

The Fashion Festival represents the most mediatic event this summer in the Algarve in parallel with the 2 summer parties of the most prestigious TV channels (SIC and TVI).

The Designer Outlet Algarve has been nominated by the Algarve Business awards for the positive impact in the tourism category this year and is also running for the Marketing Awards 2023 from the APPM.

A busy and successful time for the Designer Outlet Algarve with many exciting plans to come.