Creative Trends for Spring & Summer 2023

Mel V

As a former Fashion Stylist who has worked with the world’s most recognised brands, I really love when fashion trends move towards my personal taste, which gets more refined with age and less forgiving of fashion victim ideology.  Thankfully, this season’s summer sees colours getting a bit brighter after last year’s morbidly dark exodus on the fashion and art scene, as art imitates life and vice versa.


It seems that it’s all about the green… the pink tails on through from last season, but mostly, it’s lots of green… and the combination of both pink and green is summer 2023’s raging trend.  As a self-confessed pinkaholic, I am obsessed with all things pink, but I never have really gotten into greening up my wardrobe, as it has never been a go to colour.  However, if you are hesitant about green, this season will break your green boundaries.


Life, in contrast, is beautiful; indeed, the contrast of pink and green either works or doesn’t.  I first noticed the pink-green obsession with my greatest all time hero, Nigella Lawson, who is never hesitant to break the rules of conformity.  From having to put red/pink (rather than white) onions into green leafy salads for that pink-green contrast, to actually renovating the kitchen in her London home to have bright pink and mint green cabinets, to the pink outdoor dining set juxtaposed to Nigella’s green planted terrace, the pink-green combo is everywhere.  Indeed it is a brave contrast but beautiful if adequately coordinated.


The first place the green boundaries are broken is with pastel green hues, such as jade or avocado green.  It’s a more acceptable, palatable green that sneaks up in familiar places.  Indeed, even Range Rover has released an avocado colored Sports SVR 4×4.  Packed with awesome tech, this is an incredible ride, but the colour makes it elegant.  This tone was first popularised on the original Volkswagen Beetle and retro camper vans.


The second tonal hue, where green seems to catch people off guard, is known as Khaki, Olive / Burnt Olive, and sometimes referred to as Moss Green, which is usually associated with combat or safari type clothing, nothing that glamorous.  However, several luxury brands have released apparel in this colour.  This is a great neutral colour which combines very well with black, white, browns, and creams, whilst also contrasting well with brighter colours. UGGs have gone to town this season with their Goldenstar sandals, clogs, and the entire newly released Ashton range, presenting luxury comfort shoes in Moss Green.


My favourite is lime green; the more luminous the hue, the better, and it contrasts very well with bright pink, lilac and even darker indigo purples.  This colour makes you stand out, as not many people wear it, but it makes me feel very summery every time I do.  I grew to love this shade of green when a designer friend made me a custom shirt with lime green and pink & purple floral print.  Great to see the lime tones contrasting the decor of newly refurbished luxury holiday homes.


Generally considered a blue colour, the thing that gives teal its particular tonality, is the green hue.  Teal has been making a comeback for several years now, but this season sees teal leaning more to the green frontier of the colour wheel rather than safely straddling the safety of blue.

No matter what green tone you prefer, plenty will keep you in the green spirit this coming summer.